This calculator is a component that can easily be integrated to any web page by just adding a script. It has many advantages, it's SEO friendly, it doesn't interfere with the design of your web page and you can generate the script using our script builder in no time.


Calculator integrated


As mentioned before the script can be configured by yourself and added on your code's body but you must have a token and host to complete the configuration and conect it to your Book&Learn account. Please contact us so we can give it to you.

Script Builder

Our script builder has 3 sections:


Where you can configure language, currency and colors to go along with your web page, you just have to select the options that better fit you and automatically it will generate the script.

Option Description
Language Widget language
Currency Currency to show local prices [ISO 4217]
Primary color Widget design primary color
Secondary color Widget design secondary color

It's very important to fill the two top fields ( token y host) so your script is complete



It generates the element with it's attibutes that determine course type, search mode and it's id. This element must go on your code's body.

Option Description
Course type Curse type search
Search mode Search mode
ID of search mode element ID search mode element



Here you can generate the button element and personalize its text and position. The button must be inserted on your code's body.

Option Description
Button text Button text
Vertical Position Button vertical position
Horizontal Position Button horizontal position


Integration methods

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